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Animosity IV - The Bleeding Wilds, part 6 - The Message

In the southern Dragon-spine Mountains at the edge of the Prowling Forest there was a strange relic of another age, often called the Shadowfane. The Cleavermaws sat on deck and watched it for a while, as the sky-ship drifted slowly by with no sails set in alight breeze.

The ring-shaped stone metalith a hundred yards across floated serenely in the sky among the towering mountain peaks, low clouds drifted along the valleys below it and the ship. It emitted a low hum that could only be heard when they looked directly at it, but when they looked away it seemed to fall silent.

"Which it ain't a levitation - you can't be levitating of something that big." said Wrekka.

"I don't see why not. Its just a matter of making a self-detraining loop, an arcanus infinitus." said Crowsnest as he scratched his ear.

Wrekka scoffed. "That ain't no Endless Spell." he waved a dismissive hand at the Shadowfane, "It's a rock. A big rock what floats on its own, I grant you, but it ain't something what can be unbound."

"How do you know? Tried it have we?" said Crowsnest.

"Well, its still here ain't it?" said Wrekka "If it could have been unbound, it would have been already. No, this is one of them metaliths what float of their self." and he stormed off to another part of the ship.

"Ever one knows a metalith is just a rock what has been levitated." muttered Crowsnest to himself.

~ ⦽ ~

The Cleavermaws had found a small relic in the dusty foothills below the Shadowfane: The Ring of Storms. They were making a run for it back to the ship. The Xamolomax Coven tried to stop them, but the Thaumaturge could not divine which of the orruk pirates was carrying the relic.

Crowsnest and the Baron had scouted ahead, looking for a clear path through the dry land. They met the vanguard of the Coven beneath a rock arch.

Paralax Quiverbloom, the Kairic Adept, coordinated the handful of Arcanites to try to stop them warning the Kaptain.

When Sludga (who had the Ring of Storms on a string, hidden inside his shirt), Ropesend and Dogvane arrived they assessed the situation quickly, when Crowsnest saw them and shouted a warning:

"Have a care lads, which the Arcanites is dead-ahead and off to port!"

The Tzeenchists lurked behind the rocky hills...

... plotting an ambush.

Crowsnest threw himself at the nearest one and their swords clashed.

Ropesend, Wrekka and Dogvane barrelled into the ones trying to block Sludga's path.

The Baron fell, cut down by the great-axe wielding Tzaangor.

Kaptain Mogrum and his party fairly flew into the fight, shoving the Arcanites aside and holding them up so Sludga could escape with the Ring.

Lost Uzzog set about another Acolyte with his staff, raining down a series of heavy blows on the Arcanite's back and shoulders. Dogvane risked his life and got himself in the way of the Thaumaturge.

Sludga escaped! The rest of the pirates disengaged, falling back to the ship in good order.

~ ⦽ ~

This was a very different game - the combination of choosing who had the "message" and where they had to escape was great fun. If I had chosen someone in my Shield it would have been a MUCH shorter game!

As it was I won after two Battle Rounds. I really don't know if there was anything Viktor could have done to stop me, unless he was very lucky and killed Sludga before he reached the board edge. Neither of us used the Twist Ability at all - it was a fairly low-damage game, as it was all about movement and positioning.

Deployment: Vengeance
Victory: The Messenger
Twist: Rainstorm of Ghyran

~ ⦽ ~

The campaign starts on 29th June, so now is the perfect time to join!

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