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Animosity IV - The Bleeding Wilds, part 5 - The Soulstone

"Look at them, they is doing it all wrong." said Crowsnest grumpily. "They aren't going to get good abjuration-yield results if they a carry on that way."

"Yeah." said Wrekka, "They haven't taken any of the proscribed steps for contramaledictum."

"They are definitely amateurs." said Dogvane, "Look at them - they haven't even drawn any kind of runes. Bunch of zoggin tyromancers!" he scoffed.

Crowsnest chuckled at this and Wrekka started laughing too.

"Will you stow that noise, ya jabbering lubbers!" growled Mogrum.

~ ⦽ ~

Kaptain Mogrum wanted to face the Ogroid Thaumaturge Xamolomax and his Arcanites a again, he was sure they would have some arcane treasures that he could steal and make good use of. So he had followed them and taken the ship back to Silverside; through the sheer wall of magical energy of the Bleed. They made landfall at midnight in the Poison Forest, west of the Sanctuary Arcane.

The Cleavermaws had (fairly) quietly approached a clearing near a Realmgate and spread out. The Realmgate was the only source of light on a moonless, dark night and it fizzed and spat occasionally - it seemed to be fracturing. Mogrum was somewhat on-edge that the crew would start debating that as well.

All the crew needed to do was wait until the three Arcanites who were chanting had finished extracting energies from a chained Soulstone and siphoned it into the ornately carved skulls they held, shank the Arcanites, grab the skulls, and then get out. 

Easy... or so they thought!

As soon as they saw the ritual was ending Mogrum, Dogvane and Wrekka stepped out of the shadows beneath the poisoned trees, and approached the Arcanites directly.

The Baron, Crowsnest and Lost Uzzog came up from the left. Ropesend and Sludga took the a wide route around a corpse of trees on the far left flank, to try and get behind the Arcanites.

Paralax Quiverbloom (the Kairic Adept), a Tzaangor and a Kairic Acolyte were all busy with the ritual behind the chained Soulstone and did not immediately notice the pirates.

But as soon as they did, they scattered! The Baron chased the Tzaangor.

Mogrum, Dogvane and Wrekka went after the Adept but the Thaumaturge pounded forward and intervened.

Ropesend and Sludga appeared at the back of the Arcanite lines and saw Lost Uzzog running to catch up with the Kaptain.

Crowsnest slammed into another Tzaangor - but it was not the one the Cleavermaws were after!

Dogvane got confused and smashed the wrong Arcanite's face in, allowing the Adept with the carved skull some respite!

The Tzaangor ritualist fled for his life!

The Baron dodged an axe then pummelled another Tzaangor to the ground and sent him sprawling across the cracked paving stones.

Kaptain Mogrum and Ak'glar Xamolomax traded blows. Sparks flew from the Kaptain's wurrgog-harpoon and Xamolomax's skull-topped staff when they clashed.

The Kaptain came off decidedly worse in the exchange. The Thaumaturge was overbearing him.

The Baron spotted the Tzaangor with the skull full of siphoned trying to sneak past behind him and gave chase.

Lost Uzzog caught up with Adept Quiverbloom and let loose a pulse of green Waaagh! energy from his totem-staff. Quiverbloom the Adept reeled under the unexpected force of the blast.

With an unexpected low backhanded-swing of his staff, Xamolomax swept Mogrum off his feet. The Kaptain landed hard on the stony ground, winded. He was getting really tired of this happening week after week!

Crowsnest, Ropesend and Sludga set about the Arcanites nearest to them. Crowsnest's attack was particularly ferocious. 

The Baron and Wrekka finally caught the Adept while he was stunned by Uzzog's magic and pinned him against a tree.

The Thaumaturge swatted Crowsnest as Ropesend impaled the Acolyte ritualist. The carved skull rolled across the flagstones and bumped into Ropesend's foot. The orruk scooped it up and called "Yaaaargh!" to the others to let them know.

Sludga sprinted after, and nearly caught, the troublesome Tzaangor!

But the Tzaangor escaped, choosing to risk a journey through the defective Realmgate rather than the wrath of the frustrated orruk pirates, or let the final carved skull fall into their hands!

The Baron punched Quiverbloom in the chest and the Adept crumpled. Wrekka grabbed the skull and the two of them looked round for the Tzaangor... But he was gone.

~ ⦽ ~

The Twist card made this a VERY different kind of game. A lot of our Abilities and about half of Viktor's attacks were really changed by the maximum area effect of 3". Things like Waaagh! suddenly only worked on a couple of orruks at most, shooting and ranged spells all stopped working. It was really interesting how a very simple thing like this Twist changed the dynamic of the whole game.

Viktor rolled with the punch though and played a very canny game by moving his 3 Dagger fighters constantly and quickly. He made me need to chase them all the time and kept them far apart from each other so I couldn't mob them all at once. I managed to get two of them but the third eluded me so he won the game.

Deployment: Decimation
Victory: Crush
Twist: Battle Dead of Night

~ ⦽ ~

The campaign starts on 29th June, so now is the perfect time to join!

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