Friday, 30 July 2021

Animosity III - The Prime Dominion, part 16

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Betrayed! (Again)

The Cleavermaws left Iscarion as quickly as they could and Illyana Draketooth directed them to Ciradyl Tower to meet up with Captain Bodrin Bok and the crew of the Selachii.

The Selachiis were battered and furious at their defeat by the Ruyalar and other mercenaries. Many of their friends had been captured or killed in the battle of Iscarion Docks. Mogrum hoped their bloodthirsty mood would serve him well in the scheme the Baron had talked him into joining, and make them eager to help. But Draketooth had absolutely no intention of aiding them.

As soon as she was among her loyal friends again she turned her back on the Cleavermaws and ordered the Selachiis to kill them.

Illyana strode away to find more of her fleet and the Selachiis stepped between her and the orruk pirates.

The Cleavermaws were shocked. But not that shocked.

The Quartermaster charged. His massive boarding axe caught the Baron a glancing blow.

Two aelven librarians from Selanar City had been kidnapped by the Selachii and tried to use the fight with the Cleavermaws as cover to escape.

Some of the Cleavermaws decided to "rescue" them!

Lost Uzzog placed himself strategically behind the front line and started healing Cleavermaws wounds. It was a slow process to knit wounds back together for so many of the crew at once but it would keep more of them in the fight.

The librarians found themselves in the middle of the fighting!

Bodrin Bok brought more of his crew into the battle.

Deadwood thought he had chosen a safe route around the battlefield but he was wrong.

Mogrum floored the Selachii facing him.

Deadwood gave the terrified buccaneer a couple of thumps.

Slugga took a few hits but his kutlass found its mark.

The Baron and the Quartermaster exchanged blows in a flurry of attacks, counter attacks, parries and blocks.

One of the Selachii grabbed an escaping aelf.

The Baron finally smashed his gauntlet into the Quartermaster's face.

The fight was bloody on both sides!

Mogrum blasted two of the Selachii with beastial Waaagh! magic...

Including Captain Bok himself.

Sludga went to catch the Selachii who grabbed the Assistant Librarian.

Lost Uzzog repositioned himself so he could help the most pirate orruks. Bosun Higgs nabbed the Librarian and bundled him away.

Uzzog's magic kept the orruks going; their wounds healed even as they fought.

The Baron smashed another Selachii down.

The tide was turning in the Cleavermaw’s favour.

Sludga unleashed a furious assault on the musician and freed the Assistant Librarian.


Kaptain Mogrum hurried the crew back to the Cleavermaw, taking the Librarians along with them. He didn't know why the Selachiis had kidnapped the aelves but he wasn't going to leave perfectly good "loot" just running about the place. 

He did know that they probably hadn't seen the last of Illyana Draketooth though. 

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