Thursday, 29 April 2021

Animosity III - The Prime Dominion, part 5 - The Sentinels of the Prism

The Sentinels will be used as the opposition in solo Warcry games for the Animosity III campaign: The Prime Dominion, that is due to start in July. Viktor has hacked the Wild Fighters rules from the Tome of Champions 2020, so they can work really well as a solo game.

The are made from pretty-much all of the aelf parts I could find in my bits boxes. Some I bought for other projects, some were given to me by friends having a clear-out. I chose this blue and gold colour scheme to match my other Cities of Sigmar models, so I can use any of them in a "soup" list.


Taeral, Nomad Prince and leader of the Sentinels.

A Harlequin Troupe Master body with Eternal Guard head, arms and shield. The "pocket dragon" is a helmet crest from something else (but I don't know what!) - I realised late in the build that the Nomad Prince's hawk has an attack so I thought I should add something to represent it!

The backpack is greenstuff, to cover the high-tech looking one the Harlequin body came with.

Ilimitar, mage-librarian.

This was the most satisfying one to build - the parts were all from a bag of High Elf leftovers a friend gave me years ago. I can't identify which kits the bits come from but the way all the ribbons and bookmarks and cloak all flow the same direction is VERY pleasing to my eye!

This archer was made from two mismatched Lumineth body parts I was given recently. The right arm is from a Freeguild archer, the left arm and cloak are from Glade Guard. I think the head is High Elf...

The two Eternal Guard were built straight out of the box.

As were the Wildwood Rangers and Warden. The Warden's base-topper is from a High Elf Mage I think.

The Glade Guard was an eBay bits purchase but I don't know if the two sword-arms are supposed to both be on one model.