Monday, 19 April 2021

The Great Oubliette of Shyish, part 15 - The Ambush

The eerie greenish light, that seemed to come from nowhere more specific than "above" (it certainly wasn't a sun or a moon) cast deep green-black shadows in the openings of the crypts that lined the winding path. The Cleavermaws climbed a rough-hewn stone stairway past bare, stunted trees. They crossed a cracked courtyard surrounded by statues of hooded skull-faced angels bearing scythes. Wisps of fog wound round their ankles as they descended a hill covered in gravestones. A crow's call echoed through the empty streets but they couldn't see a crow.

Mogrum felt like they were getting close now - the had seen a few navigation marks scratched into the stone work, and some of the avenues of mausoleums seemed to match the shape of the ones on the map fragments the Adm'rul had left behind.

But the number of Nighthaunts stalking them had also increased. Time was running out. They needed to find the Adm'rul and get out of the Great Oubliette soon!


The Adventuring Party:
Kaptain Mogrum (Wurrgog Prophet)
- Bonesplitterz spell: Bone Krusha
- Bonesplitterz Command Trait: The Power of the Beast
- Loot: Scroll of Translocation (single use)
Lost Uzzog (Ship's Wardokk)
- Loot: Gravesand Ossuary (single use)
- Bonespitterz spell: Breath of Gorkamork
Mr Sludga (Savage Big Deck-Boss)
- Bonesplitterz Artefact of Power: Greatdrake Toof Sword
Mr Deadwood (Savage Big Deck-Boss)

14th Exploration Roll - The Ambush 
Dungeon Fight!
8 Chainrasps (north)
8 Chainrasps (south)
4 Myrmourn Banshees (I added these as it was getting a bit too easy for the Cleavermaws!)


The orruk pirates heard the, now all too familiar, cackles and moans of the approaching gheists long before they saw them. Two large groups appeared out of the shadows on either side of them...

Uzzog used his Weirddok powers to boost Mogrum's magic and then cast an Arcane Bolt of Waaagh! energy at the Chainrasps to the north.

Mogrum tried to cast Bone Krusha but the magic fizzled out at his fingertips. The power for the spell was hungrily consumed by the Banshees!

Sludga and Deadwood walked toward the Banshees swinging their weapons and then picked up speed, accelerating to a sprint as the charged the howling spirits.

Deadwood attacked with his belaying pin and two of the Banshees dissolved into smoke. Not to be outdone, Sludga killed the other two with a few swings of his Greatdrake Toof Sword.

The Chainrasps from the north moved on Kaptain Mogrum and Lost Uzzog. They grasped with spectral claws and jabbed with rusted weapons - Mogrum howled as he was wounded by their chill blades.

The rest of the Chainrasps attacked and wounded Deadwood. Deadwood and Sludga replied by killing four Chainrasps each.

Mogrum swung his staff and killed two Chainrasps and, in an uncharacteristically violent display, Uzzog smashed three - the last few dissolved into the twilight.


As the pirates moved further down the winding stone avenue Morgum found a third map fragment, pinned under a stone on top of a sarcophagus: Now they could then decipher the location of the Adm'rul!

15th Exploration Roll - The Stables
Short Respite - Mogrum and Deadwood healed one wound each.

The pirate orruks rested briefly in a mausoleum apparently built for a horse. Uzzog did his best to patch-up the Kaptain and his mate but they were not able to tarry long.

16th Exploration Roll - The Prisoner
Long Respite - All wounds healed.

The Cleavermaws found a pirate orruk explorer, who called himself The Baron, in a locked cell and freed him. He was exceedingly pleased to meet his saviours but he seemed to be oblivious to his situation. He thought he was staying in a lovely country inn!

He regaled them with unlikely tales of his adventures through the Mortal Realms. The crew listened with furrowed brows and growing incredulity and (behind his back) whispered their disbelief to one-another.

17th Exploration Roll - The Siege of Erathis
Boss Fight (x2 because I felt it was getting too easy!)

Lord Executioner
Guardian of Souls
5 Glaivewraith Stalkers
12 Chainrasps
12 Chainrasps
5 Grimghast Reapers
5 Myrmourn Banshees

But that is a tale for another night...

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