Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Viva La Revulushun! - part 14, more orks

I twigged a couple of days ago, that my Mekworld scenery additions, and my Freebooterz ork vehicles and infantry have all been painted using a similar colour palette to Ian McQue’s Mileships / Mortal Engines concept art without really realising it:

So for this batch of "background" orks I have tried to really lean-in to the colour scheme. I'm tempted to go back over the scenery and army and make it more obvious, as I really like the look: mostly grey, with brown, red, orange and yellow areas, and a splash of turquoise and cream here and there. All chipped and weathered and covered in liberal quantities of rust and grime.

I have painted the new orks with an eye on adding them to my Freebooterz army, even though I doubt I will ever play a "big" game of 9th edition 40k. Kill Team suits my available time and game-size tastes much better.

Ork citizens of Badlanding

Madfang's Mob, exploring a Space Hulk that dropped out of the Warp in the New Drekport System.

The group in my underhive / space hulk box.

Boss Nob Madfang - slugga & power klaw. Leader specialist.

Smokes - dust scarf, big roof, one eye missing. Veteran specialist.

Cyclops - scout with magnoculars, dust scarf, slugga and choppa

Feedback - comms pack, dust scarf.

Sky - dust scarf, flying helmet and goggles, chainsword and slugga

Update 18th November 2020.

Madfang's Mob got a little bigger. These are the new ladz:

The whole mob together.

Ash, the Heavy Specialist with a Big Shoota.


Toad. Hook hand and striped trousers - because Freebooterz!


Trample, with a bag o'bones.

Madfang's Mob, exploring a Space Hulk.

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