Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Kurgan Ironhead - Freebooterz Warlord, part 2

Kurgan Ironhead is the warlord of a fleet of Ork Freebooterz, currently exploring the Malfactus Rift area. His armada is scattered across a dozen systems, divided into small haphazard groups, all tasked with looking for trouble and stuff to loot.

Years ago he was the leader of the infamous Blood Axe warband known as Da Fifty Fiff Bad Redz Brigade, but the Fifty Fiff broke up when he became bored of the militaristic formalities he and the Bad Redz had always delighted in. He turned Freebooter and set off east, with a small group of Boyz who were loyal to him.

The Bad Redz Freebooterz had begun their adventures!


I doubt I will be playing may games big enough to warrant using a proxy Ghazghkull Thraka, but I couldn't resist the offer of the Ork half of Prophecy of the Wolf, for less than the cost of the Ork Nobz and Mega Nobz. Ghaz was effectively free! It was then just a matter of deciding what to do with him.

Makari is still on my painting desk, but I hope to finish him in the next few days.

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