Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Thy Soul To Keep - part 3

The campaign structure

No matter how the signs are interpreted, it is clear that, as war spreads in Shyish, only two things matter: Realmstone and souls. In the turmoil of war, their possession is the only way to achieve a dog of war's objective, whatever that might be. In the Harrowmark, four such individuals look at the Portents and prepare to fight.

~ ­čĽ▒ ~

A four-player Age of Sigmar Skirmish Campaign, based on the Triumph & Treachery battleplans, set in the endless malignant forests and isolated villages of The Harrowmark in Shyish during the Wytch Time, or the Time of Tribulations.

NB: all Renown earned after each game is halved for this campaign, when compared to the amounts given in the Skirmish rulebook, to slow down the growth of warbands and allow for the short game times we need to play in our lunch breaks!

Godfather Viktor is using The Gilded Hand (Freeguild), I'm using The Rotmoons (Orruk Privateers), Wailslake is using The Ordeschal Host and The Emissaries of Nagash (both Nighthaunts) and David is using The crew of The Raidho Othala (Kharadron Overlord Privateers).

Story Arc (A-plot)

Whenever all of us can get together we will play the next A-plot Battleplan:
  1. The Well of Souls
    (played as Triumph & Treachery): The signs have led the four to the Shattered Circle. As they witness departed souls converge on the Circle, they know it can belong to one of them only. But sometimes, alliances are forged in a crucible of blood. (Based on how the battle develops and its final outcome, two shaky coalitions are forged).
  2. Race to Destruction
    (Coalition of Death): if the signs have been interpreted correctly, a vast deposit of Realmstone lies beneath the grounds around the Hurricane Bell. It is better to share it with one ally, than having to fight many enemies.
  3. The Traitors(Coalition of Death) The struggles around the Hurricane Bell has turned into a war of attrition, after so many sorties in the surrounding areas. One final push at the Hurricane Bell could see one coalition taking control of the Realmstone. Yet, the omens are even more dire than usual, as fresh treachery is brewing.
    (Two new alliances will emerge from this battle)
  4. Trapped in the Middle
    (Coalition of Death) After a spate of individual actions, two warbands are meeting at the Warscrier Citadel to renew their battle bonds. Warned by signs of incoming disaster, their adversaries ambush them.
  5. King of the Hill
    (Coalition of Death, GHB 2016): [Insert General's name] has become way too powerful, and their plans have almost come to fruition. Can the enemy be trusted, if such a dangerous individuals is offered on a silver plate? Or will the traitor be double crossed in turn?


We will play a B-plot episode when some but not all of us can get together for a game. We will decide which one to play, based on the results of the story-arc episodes so far played:
  • The Merchants
    There is now a thriving trade in "protective totems": real and fake. A sinister individual offered a considerable share if a load of totems is safely smuggled through the woods. (Precious Cargo). 
  • The Soul Vortex
    The signs are clear. A soul storm will soon hit the Harrowmark. Who will be able to channel its power? (Vortex of Power). 
  • A Dagger in the Dark
    Sometimes, a dagger in the night can be the best way to get rid of a hated rival. (Assassinate).
  • An unnatural darkness has fallen
    It might herald more woes for the land, but for now the shapes moving through it surely are a more pressing issue. (Clash at Dawn).
  • The Beast’s Lair
    The Fiend of the Harrowmark has once again crawled out of its lair. Its body seethes with soul stuff, a price worth fighting for. (Trophy Kill from Beast Wars, if we have an undead monster).
  • At the Behest of Another
    The folks of W├Ârtbad have been hoarding realmstone at the behest of an unknown master. Surely, it would be safer in the hands of capable warriors. (Treasure Hunt).
  • The Ruins of Blackrocks
    The latest portents have shown the way to the ruins of Blackrocks and the priceless artefacts that lie within. (Seize the Relic, or we can work out a dungeon crawling scenario).
  • When Starlight Fails
    The stars have converged and the power of the Kharibdis Occulum is ready to be harnessed. Yet, enemies have caught wind of your plans. (Clash of Fates from Dominion of Chaos)
  • Capture the Skydock
    A skyvessel passed over Wortbad but the captain was too fearful to land. He dumped the cargo bound for the village overboard onto the dock without slowing but it tumbled off the wooden platform in all directions. Now there is a free-for-all to claim the best stuff. 3 players, Skirmish Battleplan: Treasure Hunt, with Triumph & Treachery turn order.
  • Messages in the Rain
    Three warbands meet in Lashing Rain, all attempting to Kill the Messenger (Open War Cards)
  • The Night of the Comet
    The portents show a star will fall from the heavens and three warbands race to collect the bounty they assume it will contain... but all is not as expected.


  1. I love the atmosphere that these synopses create. You really get a feel for the setting and the motivations of the warbands. My group is currently trying to get a Skirmish campaign off the ground and this is a great motivator. Good work!

    1. Thanks Ross! We have tried a lot of different formats and structures for our campaigns over the years, but this "pre-scripted but flexible" one is our current favourite. It's the third time we have used it now.