Friday, 4 August 2017

Anomaly Protocol. Mutant Mechanicus - part 2

In the half light of a ruined dome, deep in the wastes of the Sump, the Archeotech Prospectors cautiously picked their way over piles of fallen girders and rubble, half watching where they put their feet and half watching clusters of red-orange glowing screens of their assorted scanners, auspex and auguries.

Far ahead of the rest of the group, Hestor Varin ducked under a bent pipe that dripped rust-coloured water onto his long coat and his rad-counter clicked angrily. The symbols on his augury tumbled over themselves for a few seconds then settled: he had found site with a good probability for an archeotech artifact. He triggered his homing beacon so the rest of the group could gather round his location to protect the find. Magos Haug was the first to arrive...

Deep down in the Sump below Macnunius Dome, far from what passes as civilisation in the underhive, Magos Tyloc Greften Haug searches the dark ruins for ancient technology and knowledge. He and his growing band of followers have been down there a long, long time... far too long in fact. They have paid the price for overstaying with their flesh and their humanity. Mutation, corruption and poor quality augmetics combine to give them a cruelly misshapen appearance.

Hagel, the Librarian of Tchi'thams Library is an Adeptus Mechanicus Datasmith. Ancient and wise, he is still a force to be reckoned with as his mechanical replacement parts have been well looked after and frequently replaced. He is rarely seen beyond the Library walls, and even on those occasions he generally keeps to the surrounding districts of Mancunius Dome - Victory Station, Hanging-Ditch Abbey and the Shambles.

He ticks and whirs and in conversation he seldom seems like he is paying full attention. He often drifts away in thought for minutes at a time, sometimes mid-sentence, only to continue as if there has not been a pause. Most assume that in these moments he is lost in an internal index search or cross-referenced cataloguing (the work of the librarian continues even when he is not at his desk or wondering the shadowy bookshelf-lined halls) but this is not entirely true. He is in constant communication with the Archeotech Prospectors, directing their searches from clues discovered in ancient maps and records...

More Mutant Mechanicus on the way: Mutie Vanguard and a Mutie Enginseer: