Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Hallow'd Ground, part 5, Game 4: The Haunted Mansion

The necromancer’s hideout lay between the warbands. Who would claim the right to be the saviour of the day?

~ ~ ~

Angry black clouds roiled overhead. A gusty wind picked up and spiralled dead leaves through the village. Squalls of sudden and violent wind and rain hammered the roofs and walls. The Nachtjägers took what shelter they could find beneath the leafless trees of the Forest of Tears and looked out across the open ground between the forest and the rotting inn that stood before them: The Rose & Scythe.

Grimmig climbed the ancient stone stair to a dais with a heavy aura of death hanging over it. Many of the village’s farm animals had come there to just lie down and die when the dark magic corruption first overtook the region. Pult, his Grot lectern, followed him reluctantly.

The Church of Sigmar's Retribution emerged from the Spiritgate with weapons ready. They seemed upset that the orruk Witch Hunters had beat them to the inn.

The Nachtjägers closed in on the Rose & Scythe and took possession of the rotten buildings.

Avram the Unforged made another trip through the Spiritgate...

... to out-flank Grimmig on the Dreadfire Portal.

Professor Fängmorder led the biggest Orruks into the courtyard.

As a pair of Deadwalkers emerged from the inn.

The Churchmen approached cautiously.

While Endewald the Juggler dealt with the Deadwalkers.

More Deadwalkers started to gather - drawn by the noise the two warbands were making.

The Black Orruks swiftly dispatched the Griffhound

As the rest of the Church Militia closed in.

Heftig's Boyz fired their crossbows at the approaching rival Witch Hunter.

And more Deadwalkers burst out of the tavern.

The fight started in earnest at the rear of the Rose & Scythe.

The lone Witch Hunter was surrounded.

Another herd of Deadwalkers gathered.

Avram felled Grimmig and turned on the frightened Pult.

Professor Fängmorder and the Black Orruks slaughtered droves of Militia while the Necromancer looked on, furious that his plans were being interrupted by two belligerent bands of rival Witch Hunters!

 ~ ~ ~

The battle ended as a victory for the Orruks, as they were in control of the Rose & Scythe.

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