Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Hallow'd Ground, part 3: Game 2, The Dark Forest

A heinous forest might be the source of the zombie curse affecting the region. Glory awaits the warband that can clear it out. An eternity of brainless servitude those who fail.

~ ~ ~

The mouldering corpse lurched toward Fängmorder and the huge orruk blasted it in the face with an overloaded pistol. The double-charge of powder and two bullets risked blowing the pistol to bits but Fängmorder was lucky and it just obliterated the zombie’s head instead. As the rotten torso dropped to the flagstones three more Deadwalkers loomed behind it. Fängmorder holstered the smoking pistol and lifted is warhammer and great-sabre.

The first walking corpse fell, cleaved in two from shoulder to hip. The second was flung backward by a blow from the hammer. The third was immolated in ghostly green flames as Grimmig appeared behind his Kaptain. He grinned at Fängmorder with the Holy Fires of Sigmork still flickering around his eyes. The pair of orruks pushed on further into the Forest of Tears.

The knotted roots and fallen leaves beneath their feet were slick with gore already and the sounds of the shambling dead echoed in the darkness beneath the trees…

~ ~ ~

Since they were outnumbered the Nachtjägers planned to bring their whole force to bear on one part of the scattered Churchmen at a time, they hoped to be able to sweep aside each enemy unit in turn by hitting them with their full strength.

The Nachtjägers claimed control of one forest, but the Church of Sigmar's Retribution claimed two.

Grimmig suddenly found himself surrounded by Deadwalkers that crawled out of the grave-strune ground around him. He summoned the holy fires of Sigmork and swung his grand hammer...

Heftig and his Boyz swiftly dealt with the Church's Militia with crossbow and hammer, but the Warrior Priest of Sigmar and the Excelsior War Priest were much tougher nuts to crack!

Grimmig slowly worked his way through the Deadwalkers.

Rather than get bogged-down in that over-crowded fight, Fängmorder ploughed into the Devoted of Sigmar who were holding the second forest. He slaughtered them with cold brutal efficiency but he could not quite manage to clear the whole unit!

~ ~ ~

The Nachtjägers assault lost momentum with the Church's heroes holding up the bulk of their force.

The Church of Sigmar's Retribution claimed a solid victory.

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