Friday, 11 November 2016

Hallow'd Ground, part 4: Game 3, Into the Zombie’s Lair

The Nachtjägers and The Church of Sigmar’s Retribution battled for territory around Deathwatch Manor, an area surrounded by Deadwalkers!

The servants of Sigmork rush forward, both to block the Church’s way and to capture enemy territory themselves. Shaman-Warrior-Priest Grimmig occupied Deathwatch Manor to search for hidden artefacts of Arcane power.

The Nachtjägers Black Orruks roared oaths and crude prayers as they clashed with the Church's Flagellants while crossbow-armed orruks and Church Militia exchanged fairly ineffective fire in the streets around the town square. Inside the Manor house Grimmig smashed open a likely-looking chest with his grandhammer (as usual the Nachtjägers use the most subtle of investigation and research techniques!) found the hidden artefact and blasted the Militia from the rooftop battlements!

The Militia were wiped out, as are most of the Flagellants, the balance tips in favour of the Nachtjägers... 

...but the orruk Witch Hunters are swarmed by the reanimated corpses of the Militia! A draw, but with more time the orruks could've won!

~ ~ ~

The purple darkness started to turn orange on the horizon through the bare trees. The clouds were edged with fire as the embers of dawn flared up into the flames of sunrise. The eastern sky was transformed from twilight into strips of yellow, orange, pink, gold and dark purple. The Nachtjägers stared gratefully at the sunrise as it meant another night's work was over. The dead would once again settle into torpor in the darkness of their tombs and Wortbad would be quieter for a time - until sunset at least.

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  1. That was a really fun game and a well deserved victory, if only moral, for the orruks.