Friday, 20 May 2016

The Moon's Game - Duskhaven Campaign finale, game 10

Battleplan: Home Ground

The Cleavermaws and the Church of Sigmar’s Retribution battle one last time in the finale of the Duskhaven campaign!

The Cleavermaws started with half their strength in reserve and needed to keep Kaptain Mogrum alive as only he could call the reserves into the battle through the Realmgate in the centre of the board.


The Church had a third more models in total and all of them started on-table!

The Kaptain was given a small amount of extra protection by Lost Uzzog who repeatedly cast a Mystic Shield over him (the green bead was used as a Mystic Shield marker).

The Cleavermaws Boyz charged the Flagellants but the orruks were decimated trying to hold off the massive numbers of fanatical of churchmen.

The Kaptain got to the Realmgate and was about to call in the other half of his crew...

But a volley of Militia shooting, followed by the charge of the Gryph-hounds and the Ogor brought down the Kaptain and ended the game.

The Cleavermaws lost ending the Duskhaven campaign in a stalemate but both sides will be back, to try to get the upper hand, later.

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