Thursday, 21 April 2016

Vultures and Vultures - Duskhaven Campaign, game 7

Battleplan - Throne of Skulls Clash of Empires
Objective - Seek and Destroy
The Capture Ground and Despair and Slaughter Victory Conditions both apply.

Capture Ground: After set-up, you and your opponent each select one terrain feature. At the end of each battle round, players gain 1 Laurel of Victory for each of these two features that they control.
Despair and Slaughter: Keep track of how many enemy models are slain (or flee) during each battle round. At the end of each battle round, the player that inflicted the most casualties upon the enemy army during that battle round gains 2 Laurels of Victory.

Underdog deeds were also worth 1 Laurel each to The Cleavermaws.


Kaptain Mogrum and The Cleavermaws face the Church of Sigmar’s Retribution again as they both vie for control of the old Wizard’s House (for it’s possible loot) and a neighbouring Baleful Realmgate (as an escape route).

The Cleavermaws deployment is mirrored by the Church, with their more numerous units opposite one-another and their “big guys” pared-off.

The Church's Griffhounds were the first into the Wizard’s House, hoping to keep the Orruks at bay, or at least reduce their numbers by the time the Flagellants arrive to storm the building.

The pirate crew push the Griffhounds out of one of the objective buildings while the Kaptain wades into the Flagellants and the Cleavermaws watch as their Kaptain slaughtered most of the them single handedly! The Troll drools a bit and chews his fist while Mr Sludga and Lost Uzzog leave him behind. Uzzog continues to barrage the Churchmen with Arcane Bolts and the Gaze of Mork.

Kaptain Mogrum is finally worn down by devoted but the battle is already won: The Troll finally does something useful and pukes on a Witch Hunter for fun!

Uzzog chuckled to himself.


Major Victory to the Cleavermaws! (7-0!)

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