Thursday, 7 April 2016

Scum and Villainy - Duskhaven Campaign, game 6

The Cleavermaws arrive in port!

The ugly misshapen form of The Cleavermaw glided slowly into the deepwater harbour of Duskhaven. The gentle oily swell rolled the hulk, more than it would most ships, due to its mismatched prow and stern, from two different shipwrecks, and its top-heavy gundecks that bristled with heavy artillery.

The orruk crew shouted and cursed at each other as they maneuvered the ungainly vessel into the anchorage and the orruk pirate Kaptain Mogrum roared instructions that were mostly lost in the din. The arguments ranged from the right way to haul on a rope to the timing of when to drop anchor.

Somehow the ship found a likely spot to moor and the anchor splashed into the murky waters. A launch was lowered and a number of pirate orruks clambered down the sides into it, followed by Kaptain Mogrum, Mr Deadwood and Mr Sludga (the burly Black Orc mates), and Lost Uzzog (the ship’s Shaman and Navigator).

The crew pulled ashore with gusto and when, a few minutes later, the launch bumped into the wooden jetty two oarsmen jumped out holding lines fore and aft and hauled the boat in close.


Battleplan - Throne of Skulls Clash of Empires
Objective - Hold the Centre: At the end of each battle round, the player who controls the terrain feature closest to the centre of the battlefield gains 1 Laurel of Victory (i.e. there are more models from their army within 3" of it than there are enemy models). In addition, at the end of each battle round, each player gains 1 Laurel of Victory if their general is within 3" of the centremost terrain feature.

The Cleavermaws deployed in two groups: The River Troll and Black Orc mates were on the left, while the Kaptain and the Boyz were in the centre, with the Shaman just behind them.

The Church of Sigmar’s Retribution spread out into two groups to counter the Orruk Pirates.

Kaptain Mogrum led the rush to the objective building - rumours of a stash of books and papers from before the Age of Chaos brought him here. There was a possibility they were the records of the islands taxes on passing shipping and they could lead to a secret stash of treasure!

Klaw, the River Troll, Mr Deadwood and Mr Sludga, Black Orc Big Bosses, waited for the oncoming Flagellants.

The Church’s Militia got into position ready for their assault on the building.

They charged!

The Flagellants tried to outflank the orruks...

But “the Big’Unz” Klaw, Mr Deadwood and Mr Sludga dealt with them.

The Militia were slaughtered by Mogrum and his crew.

And so were the Flagellants! Klaw’s wounds healed even as the last of the Devoted fell.

The Witch Hunter Captain finally got to fight with Kaptain Mogrum, and though the Kaptain was wounded in the fight, the Witch Hunter came off worse.


We had near-equal Martial Strength with a slight advantage of numbers to Viktor, but I had 4 Heroes to his 2.

The way the charge-rolls went he ended up trying to kill my Heroes with his troops, but his Heroes were trapped at the back and only able to help with Command Abilities and Prayers until the very tail-end of the fight.

Meanwhile my troops set up camp under the central building's balcony, earning Laurels of Victory for me, and hardly took any casualties!

Laurels of Victory 3:1 - Major Victory for the Cleavermaws!

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