Thursday, 4 November 2021

Soulblight Vampires - part 7

I got the new "Warhammer Day" Vampire model, Anasta Malkorion, and I knew I was going to have to convert it a little. I did a very simple head-swap for a Drukhari Wych's head. I also knew, because this is how my head works, she would need a small warband...

So this is Ysabette Rotshroud, Soulblight Gravelord, vampire ruler of large swathes of the Harrowmark. I imagine she lives in a dark castle on the side of a mountain overlooking the endless forests of the Harrowmark. The castle is probably filled with the faded, rotting opulence that vampires seem to prefer - the remains of a glorious past.

her followers are Otwin, a human Dreg, a living thrall of Ysabette:

And Egon Palotás, necromancer who is a mostly-loyal servant of Ysabette Rotshroud, he is accompanied by his pet rat, Warlock:

And Egon Palotás has a skeleton that acts as his lectern. Because if you could make a walking lectern to carry your massive tomb of dark, necromantic magic, why wouldn't you?

This group is very much inspired by the Mordheim Undead warband. I am going to try to make a few more skeletons as I have some bits box parts that might work, including two or three more sets of the robed legs I used for the lectern - though I don't know where they came from - and some skeleton parts from the structure of the incomplete Coven Throne that I bought for vampress parts (to make into Drukhari!) a few years ago.

More to follow soon-ish!


  1. What parts did you use to make the skeleton lecturn? Inspired choice! I am thinking of making something similar for my Necromancer, but would like to try and squeeze them onto one base so it's legal for tabletop. Appreciate your work, amazing!

    1. The legs are from Grave Guard (I think), the upper half holding the big book is from the Coven Throne / Mortis Engine / Bloodseeker Palanquin kit. =)