Monday, 29 January 2018

The Shattered Circle

In a clearing, deep in the endless malignant forest that covers the Harrowmark, there is a broken dais that is now being used for macabre purposes. The Shattered Circle, as it is known, is an evil place. 

The raw Death Magic that permeates the area is tangible even to those without magic sensitivity. For those with Wyrdsight the energies that swirl and eddy around the ruined dais are clearly malevolent and extremely powerful. Only a foolhardy wizard would attempt to tap into its power...


The middle is the Balewind Vortex base filled with Citadel Skulls, surrounded by Shattered Dominion Large Basing Kit flagstones.

I sanded the base before undercoating it.

I undercoated it Chaos Black and zenithal base-coated Mechanicus Standard Grey. I painted the skulls with Ushabti Bone and washed them with Agrax Earthshade.

I dry-brushed the entire thing with Ushabti Bone then washed most of the stonework with Nuln Oil and a few remaining areas with Athonian Camoshade. Then I very lightly dry-brushed the entire thing with Ushabti Bone again.

I painted the sanded areas of earth with Steel Legion Drab (the Scenery Paint version) then dry-brushed that with Ushabti Bone.

Then it was just leaf litter and dead grass flock (the PVA glue for the leaves was still wet when I took these photos!).

Three NPC Warlocks (for our upcoming Malign Portents campaign "Thy Soul To Keep") Mr Book, Mr Bell and Mr Candle, explore the Shattered Circle:

Mr Bell

Mr Candle

Mr Book

Detail of Mr Book's book.

Pauli D'sguised


  1. Excellent stuff! I've got a Balewind Vortex base* lying around myself, I should do up something similar.

    *I got it to cut the vortex part into a couple of lengths and use it for flying stands for Disks of Tzeentch.

    1. Thanks WestRider! I have had this hanging around for a few year waiting for an idea of what to do with it, so I totally understand (I used my vortex to support a small flying boat). I look forward to seeing your interpretation!

  2. Wonderful work. I'm itching to steal this idea. Love the paint jobs on the wizards as well. Coolness allround.

  3. as I said on Twitter, I'll be nicking the Bell Book and Candle guys. But I love the scenery: so simple, yet effective and haunting.

    1. Thanks Herbert.
      You are most welcome to nick them! ... well, the ideas anyway ;)
      As I also said on twitter, I look forward to seeing your interitations of them!