Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Fallow’s End House - part 1 WIP

This is a model I assembled around five years ago that has gone through a couple of transformations along the way. With Malign Portents on the way I am adding to my Harrowmark scenery, so this one is getting paint first as a "quick win".

The base model is the old Warhammer Chapel, but I wanted to make a "normal" house. So using spare parts from my bits box I added and extra small dormer-window to the roof (so there are two small windows on one side of the roof), and I made a larger dormer-window for the other side, from the roof parts for the "join" between the Chapel and Watchtower kits when they were sold together as the Fortified Manor, a Mordheim window, some plasticard with greenstuffed wood texture.

I also added a cut-down chimney from the Watchtower to the front gable and two components from the Fortified Manor outer wall (with a bit of cutting to add an extra "corner" post) with a portico roof (made from the "outhouse" roof and some Screaming Bell timbers for supports) to the side beneath the large dormer-window.

I changed as many of the open windows as I could to the wooden "closed" versions. Then I found a few barrels (two GW from kits - the Giant, the Empire Great Cannon and one from Renedra).

Black undercoat and Mechanicus Standard Grey zenithal basecoat (photographed in daylight):

Dry-brushed Ushabti Bone (photographed in lamplight):

Block colours on the wood and metal next, then washes.


  1. Job's a good 'un, at least as far as the modeling is concerned. Looking forward to seeing some more paint on there.

    1. Thanks WestRider! I've got a bit more paint on it already but I'll wait and take more photos when it's done. Hopefully won't be long now!