Monday, 8 August 2016

More WIP Archeotech Prospectors

More members of the archeotech prospectors group. I see this team as NPCs rather than main characters, so they will either feature in scenarios or just wander around in the background while a fight is going on.

JC8, the Miner.
A heavy servitor. Too slow and plodding to be any use in combat but almost indestructible.

Tyloc Greften Haug, the Assessor.
An Adeptus Mechanicus Reclaimator with a dubious reputation.

I have replaced the heavy weapon with the servo-skull from the kit. I was planning a more extensive conversion but none of the bits I have available are anywhere near as good as the parts that come with this gorgeous model!

I didn't want to keep the axe as it is too distinctive as the Adeptus Mechanicus badge-of-office, so I cut it down to look like some kind of arcane scanning device.

Konrat & Bogen, the Watch.
(These two weren't in my original plan, so it is already getting out of my control!)
Hurrying to defend the Prospectors from harm when the alarm is raised! The underhive is a dangerous place after all...

I also won a box of Sector Imperialis spares, and a complete Promethium Relay Pipes set, on eBay for a lot less than the retail price of the pipes! This adds to my reasonable bits-box of scenery components and means the next few buildings I plan to make for the Mancunius Dome are going to be much more interesting!

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