Monday, 22 August 2016

Inspiration - Tractatus de Nigromantia

I really love hand written manuscripts and books and a lot of my warbands will probably show this. This book is in Manchester and I really have to find time to see it in real life!

Chethams Library 
Tractatus de Nigromantia
Due to popular demand, here is the 'Tractatus de Nigromantia', our MS Mun. A.4.98

See the pdf of the Tractatus.  (105MB)
This curious manuscript, written mainly in English, is a grimoire, or magical textbook, containing prayers, invocations, exorcisms and conjurations together with mystical diagrams inscribed in circles. There a re bizarre references to the 'Queen of the Phairies' and the 'Sisters of the Phairies' as well as directions intended to lead the reader to hidden treasure.
Read more and see some more photographs of this manuscript on our 101 Treasures page here.

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