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Further Adventures in The Scarlands - part 14, Dambusters

Thick coiling fog wound round trees and undergrowth as Mudgob and Battendown went to check the work of the Swordfyshes who had built a crude dam of rock, branches and mud. They were very pleased with the progress: The Ironforged Ogor's encampment in Blubberfen Bog had been almost entirely cut off from its water supply.

The bog had turned from a defendable swampy haven for the Ironforged (and one with only a few winding and almost invisible safe routes of access) into a much more easily navigable target, surrounded by drying and compacted mudflats with a few clumps of stunted and dying trees that could be used to provide cover during an assault.

But the work had not been carried out as secretly as Krashhart had hoped - and they realised the inevitable counter by the ogors was on the way, under the cover of the fog. Battendown raised the alarm and called the crew's fighters to come and defend their siegeworks.

The ogor's whole raiding force appeared at the same moment. They charged from the fogbank: a tidal wave of muscle and iron and rage.

Krashhart and Yardarm Gark were the first reinforcements to arrive.

Yardarm Gark sprinted forward toward the ogors, urged-on by Krashhart's roared commands.

A Glutton leapt at Old Mudgob, who defended himself with weapons both arcane and mundane.

Krashhart continued bellowing, calling more of the pirate crew from their camp.

"On deck! All hands on deck there! Shake a leg you slovenly blaggards!"

Old Mudgob and the Glutton continued to duel as Skargat approached them along the dry riverbed. A gnoblar jammed a small bag of compacted blackpowder in the dam-works and torched the fuse. A large section of rocks, branches and mud gave-way when the charge exploded with a fog-muffled thump.

Another Glutton pounced on Battendown. The wily seadog dodged the lumbering oaf's hacking axes.

The remainder of the nearby Swordfyshes arrived from the south. Leeway Ruk charged along the dry riverbed, below the bank on which the ogor and Battendown fought, and impaled the Glutton in the back - the long reach of his jagged gore-hacka making it easier for him. The ogor collapsed and rolled down the small cliff.

The ogors seemed to be everywhere, all at once. Gnoblars with burning torches appeared and disappeared - running here and there through the fog.

Old Mudgob fell, Skargat stepped over him and advanced toward the next Swordfysh.

Krashhart leapt up onto the riverbank, he stamped out the fuse that was fizzing toward another bagged blasting charge.

One of the gnoblars uncorked a barrel and sparked a flame in the escaping fumes... and even though it was an unexpectedly small blaze, a stash of vital dam-building supplies was destroyed as the strong grog inside ignited.

The Swordfyshes tried to organise themselves but the horror of the burning grog was hard to get over.

Krashhart raged at the ogors for such a shocking wasteful deed.

Even the gnoblar looked guilty, as he realised what a terrible thing he had done.

The wind shifted easterly and picked up. The fog thinned and dispersed.

Yardarm and Leeway clambered up the riverbank and closed on the ogors facing Krashhart.

Battendown looked about, seeing the gaps in the Swordfyshes dispersion - he called out instructions for them to help organise the defences.

Hook had dealt with one of the Gluttons and the fires of Gorkamorka burned strong within him. He was spoiling for another fight.

Lugger Dag found a gnoblar up to mischief and stomped him, before the little blighter even noticed he was there.

Skargat and his big lads took no chances against Krashhart - they knew all too well what the Warchanter and his Gristle Grinder could do.

With the boss down Skargat turned on the Brutes behind him.

He felled Leeway with a single mighty blow of his great axe.

Hook joined Lugger Dag when two Gluttons jumped down to get revenge for the gnoblar Lugger had kicked.

The ogors realised they couldn't break the dam that day and fell back in good order.

The Swordfyshes helped Krashhart and Old Mudgob to their feet and Battendown gave them each a shot of strong rum. As Krashhart drank he said "Shipmates, we hoisted our colours today but them ogors will be back, make no mistake. Now them Ironforged know what is a-going on here they won't let it sit. They will be regrouping for another attempt soon."

Leeway Ruk needed a bit more than a drink to fix his broken arm - even he admitted the attention of a Wardokk would not have gone amiss.

~ ⦽ ~

Deployment: Burst The Dam (Warcry Core Book P.134)
Victory: Burst The Dam
Twist: Favourable Position (I won the roll-off): Cloying Mists

This was a very bloody game - we both took down 3 fighters from the other's warband. Viktor burned one objective in Round 1 and another in Round 2 and I really thought he was going to win at that point. But I managed to keep at least fighter close enough to the objectives he could reach for the remaining 2 Battle Rounds and just clung on to the bitter end to scrape a win!

In the Aftermath Sequence the Swordfyshes gained 6 Glory, Leeway Ruk got a Fractured Arm (-1 Strength), Old Mudgob and Lugger Dag got a point of Renown each.

Mainstay, Barnacle Nog and Mr Flea went exploring; Mainstay returned empty handed, Barnacle Nog found a Vial of Jabberslythe Blood (Consumable. Bonus Action. +1 damage on Crits, to end of Activation.) and Mr Flea found a bottle of Aqua Ghyranis (Consumable, bonus action, remove 3d6 Damage).

Finally, they added Docker Goff to their roster (as an Ardboy with Big Choppa)

Dramatis Personae

The Swordfyshes, a crew of pirate Ironjawz
  • Lord Krashhart - Warchanter Explorer
    Agile Warrior, 3 Renown, The Gristle Grinder
  • Old Mudgob - Weirdnob Shaman
    1 Renown, Idol of Mork
  • Lugger Dag - Orruk Brute with Pair of Brute Choppas (2 swords)
    3 Renown, Aqua Ghyranis, red bandana
  • Hook - Orruk Brute with Pair of Brute Choppas (axe and hook hand)
    3 Renown, Blight Serpent Venom
  • Flotsam - Orruk Brute with Pair of Brute Choppas (axe and sword)
    1 Renown, blue bandana
  • Yardarm Gark - Orruk Brute with Pair of Brute Choppas (axe and sword)
    2 Renown, Jabberslythe Blood, blue bandana
  • Leeway Ruk - Orruk Brute with a Jagged Gore-hacka
    1 Renown, Itxi Grub, Fractured Arm, red bandana
  • Bulkhead Krug - Orruk Brute with a Jagged Gore-hacka
    Itxi Grub, broad-brimmed hat, beard.
  • Kaptain Battendown - Orruk Ardboy with Ardboy Choppas
    3 Renown, red cloak and squig-parrot
  • Mr Flea - Orruk Ardboy with Ardboy Choppas
    Gut Wound, drummer
  • Dakmeff - Orruk Ardboy with Ardboy Choppas
    1 Renown, barrel on his back
  • Barnacle Nog - Orruk Ardboy with Ardboy Choppas
    3 Renown, bag of bones
  • Mainstay - Orruk Ardboy with Ardboy Choppas
    Red shoulder-plate and red bandana
  • Docker Goff - Ardboy with Big Choppa
    Carnosaur Fang Elixir, black top hat and red shoulder-plate
Reputation: 5
Glory: 12
Quest Progress: Explore the Gnarlwood - ongoing

Viktor's version of this tale is here.

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