Monday, 20 September 2021

The Badfangs - Bonesplitterz of Ghur - part 18, The Vurm-tai Campaign

The Great Rift

Hogrog Ug Weirdklaw could feel the power flowing through the Great Wurm, even from here. The ley-lines of magical energies that converged on the Wurm were out of alignment and unstable. The city gitz had no idea what they were playing with!

The Badfangs watched approvingly as he rummaged through the tribe's collection of powerful beast-bones, searching for two or three that felt right, that resonated with the same energy. As he searched he threw rejects around the temporary camp.

He found some that seemed like good candidates and held each one against his Wurrgog mask in turn. The ones that harmonised with the Wurm's power went into a bag.

The Badfangs set out along the top of a line of ruins that Hogrog had picked out as the best spots - focal points at the crossings of the wurm-lines with Neolotl's ley-lines. They had to hurry though, the wurm-lines were moving fast.

They ran along the stonework at breakneck speed, leaping over the gaps between buildings.

Some local Freeguilders spotted them and started shooting! Bullets zinged past them and ricocheted off the stones. 

A few shots clipped the orruks as they ran. They didn't pay it much attention.

Hogrog and Snaggatoof reached the first wurm-line intersection. Hogrog took one of the beast-bones and jammed it into a crack between the stones.

The Freeguilder's fire increased as the Badfangs got closer.

A Freeguild Champion positioned herself in the way of the Badfangs - Snaggatoof barrelled into her, expecting to brush her aside. He was not going to get the outcome he bargained-for.

More Freeguild handgunners arrived and the Morboys started taking fire.

They were less than impressed.

Boss Ersatz and a couple of Morboys caught up with Hogrog.

Snaggatoof's claws slashed time and again, the Freeguild Champion dodged and skilfully counter-attacked with parry and repost. She used the big orruk's momentum against him...

... and sent him tumbling off the wall!

Boss Ersatz saw what happened and learned from Snaggatooth's mistakes.

Noknok the drummer jumped off the wall and sprinted at the Freeguild General.

Zurgob and Boss Ersatz ganged up on the Champion while Hogrog completed his ritual at the second wurm-line crossing point.

The Wurrgog Prophet realised time was running out: The Badfangs had to hurry.

Ersatz didn't smash into the Champion with blind fury as Snaggatoof had; he drew her into over-reaching her attacks and swept her legs out from under her. Zurgob smashed his stone axe down.

Noknok was no match for the Freeguild General.

With the second magic beast-bone jammed into place the atmosphere changed - the air was filled with crackling static, small stones started bouncing around on the ground.

Light flooded the battlefield as the magically charged bones started to interfere with the wurm-lines. White lightning arced between them and straight up into the air.

As the magical backlash they unleashed started tearing the stones of the ruins apart, the Badfangs fled the scene, Hogrog cackled with glee...

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