Thursday, 17 June 2021

The Badfangs - Bonesplitterz of Ghur - part 16

As the Badfangs started to explore Ghur they came across another small band of orruks who had abandoned their tribes and wandered the wilderness is search of great beasts. Hogrog told the tale of his vision and they willingly joined his warband, and made themselves godbeast masks from whatever scrap materials the could find.

So the Badfangs grew steadily more numerous.


Oddsnarl (Hedkrakka) - Wardokk

Snaggatoof (Toofdagga) - Savage Big Boss

Gromstikka (Dakko Sharp-Stikka) - Arrerboy Boss

Skulsmaka (Wallop da Skul) - Morrboy Boss with Big Chompa

A Kragnos-y objective marker (made from a Blood Bowl counter and some ork/orruk bits)

The whole Badfangs warband so far!


  1. Such a sweet looking warband...I can feel the love poured into them, lovely stuff!