Tuesday, 8 June 2021

The Badfangs - Bonesplitterz of ... Ghur? part 15

Hogrog Ug Weirdklaw awoke from a vivid dream - a vision of the Realm of Beasts. He immediately leapt into action and roused the tribe. He made The Badfangs repaint their godbeast masks red (well, red-ish) and dye their leather and lizard-skin robes and cowls brown. With the warband suddenly looking much more sombre and threatening, Hogrog headed off in search of a Realmgate to Ghur, with the Badfangs close on his heels!


The Badfangs are masked Bonesplitterz, formerly of Aqshy but now they are off to Ghur.

I have spent an evening partially repainting Hogrog Ug Weirdklaw and The Badfangs. The warband is now much more coherent and I'm very much happier with them.

Hogrog Ug Weirdklaw, Wurrgog Prophet and leader of the Badfangs.

Hogrog and his Wardokks, Urgog (left) and Krogdak (right). 

Bigtoof (Morboy with Bone Totem) and Big Boss Ersatz.

Gugtusk, Boarboy Maniak (slightly unpredictable) scout for the warband.

6 Orruk Morboys (Klogtoof, Zurgob, Umclaw, Zogfang, Rukbeast, Mogrok) and 6 Orruk Arrerboys (Azgrok, Bortusk, Toofdrakk, Gurkfang, Rogtoof, Legbiter)

2 Orruks with a Big Stabber - Murtoof and Durtoof (or “MurDurToof”)

The whole Warcry warband as it now stands. I have Hedkrakka’s Madmob on my desk - they are the reason this repaint happened. I wasn't really enjoying the idea of painting more Bonesplitterz in the old colour scheme, so I changed the scheme!


  1. They look so much better now! Can't wait to see the Madmob joining them! But... before going to Ghur, shouldn't they take a trip to Hysh? ;)

    1. Thanks Viktor! I'm happy to say I agree!

      The Cleavermaws are already in Hysh. As far as I know these Boyz won't be heading that way for now. But I suppose they might get lost on the way to Ghur...

  2. They look so good. Full of character and your new paint scheme really ties them together, nice one!