Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Stolen Swords - Duskhaven Campaign, game 5

Trial of Champions Battleplan:

We had to take it in turns to deploy each Hero no further than 12" from another model and at least 6" from all other models, starting with one in the centre of the board (in a building as it happened).

I had:

Kaptain Sinbag (Orc Warboss)
Big Uluc (Black Orc Big Boss)
Weird Khaaan (Orc Great Shaman)
Razkhadhim - The Djinn Binder (Sorcerer Lord of Chaos)
Irthaluk the Traveller - Djinn (Herald of Tzeentch on Disk)

Viktor had:

Dwarf Pirate Captain Gudrun 'Blackbeard' Kargasson (Dwarf Lord)
Dwarf Pirate Engineer
Pirate Captain Gregorius Pecker (Empire General)
Pirate Wizard Ishmael (Empire Battle Wizard)
Long Drong (Dragon Slayer)

The Chimeras got the initiative in the first turn and the Djinn cast Blue Fire of Tzeentch and then fired Magical Flames at Captain Kargasson, then charged him. Big Uluc charged the human Pirate, Captain Pecker. Sinbag charged Long Drong. The Dwarf Dragon Slayer was the only one to die but lots of wounds were dished out all round.

(Viktor got the initiative in round 2, so got two turns in a row, but fluffed nearly all his dice rolls!)

The Dwarf Pirate Captain Kargasson killed the Djinn but Big Uluc wounded the Pirate Captain Pecker again. Pecker picked up a Warpblade but later dumped it in favour of his trusty Sigmarite Cutlass. Sinbag picked up a Blade of Unrelenting Agony but never got to use it but it was, again, not as good as his pair of Kutlasses.

The Djinn Binder summoned the Djinn back and it killed Captain Kargasson with fire, more fire and extreme violence. Big Uluc killed Ishmael the Wizard, wounded the Dwarf Engineer and Weird Khaaan finished of Gregorius Pecker with a smack from his Totemic Staff.


At that point we were out of time but with the kills standing at 4:1 to the Chimeras, they had won a Major Victory.

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