Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Wortbad Dramtis Personae

Dramtis Personae for Wortbad, rebased for Age of Sigmar onto 32mm rounds

Alice Rainfall (Banshee)

A witch from a former age, Alice remains bound to Wortbad by the crimes she committed there and by the fear of the punishments she expects to receive for them in the afterlife.

Krathar Duskchain (Vampire)

Krathar is a soulless creature with no hint of humanity. He has the manners and grace of a noble and he strongly believes in his own superiority but he has a careless disdain for others. He treats everyone around him with contempt and scorn, especially his followers and acolytes.

Hagel Rotshroud (Necromancer)

Hagel is a twisted and corrupted man, bitter and resentful of his master, Krathar Duskchain. He has managed to extend his own life by many decades but he has not found the power and position that he had hoped for. He spends most of his time either hidden in Rotshroud Manse studying dark texts or grubbing around in one of the many graveyards in Wortbad. He considers most of the tasks given to him by Krathar to be menial and beneath him but he does not dare complain.

More atmospheric backdrops and scenery shots:

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