Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Rose and Scythe, Wortbad (part 1)

The Rose and Scythe is a run-down fortified Coaching Inn, actually it is two houses built around the crumbling remains of an ancient building, “The Rose” is a tavern and “The Scythe” is a boarding house. It once server hearty food an strong ale but it has been silent and empty for years. For all its emptiness it still has the homely feeling of a good inn. Like most intact houses in Wortbad there are crude protective spells painted on door and window frames, homemade wards and totems hang from the beams overhead: relic bones and skulls of holy men guard against the darkness. When near them the living feel less afraid of the undead that plague the village.

~ ~ ~ 

I wanted to make some rotting houses for Wortbad, built around an ancient ruin from Ruins of Osgiliath, Watchtower and Chapel. I started building this over a year ago but other projects keep pushing in front of it in the queue. I have finally finished detailing it and I hope to start painting it this week.

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