Wednesday 13 September 2023

The Ironfang Pirate Fleet - The Plunderblades and the Portwreckas, part 1

The combination of new Ironjawz models on the way and a very generous from @Daemon_Hammer on Twitter have got me making more pirates for the Swordfyshes.


MegaKaptain Ogdrog, of the Portwrecker

This big fella is converted from the Warhammer+ Megaboss - Bazdrogg Nekk-choppa, who already had a cool eye-patch. I added the open left-hand from the Maw-Krusha kit, a big greenstuff hat with a tiny fish hatpin made from a decoration the old Empire Great Cannon kit, a Kharadron rifle as pistol, a Kharadron anchor on his back-chains.

He's standing on stone ruins made from the base of a Realmgate and some nautical-looking odds and ends from my bits box like an Ogor barrel, a Mordheim pub sign bracket and some glass floats that might be from the Hobbit Lake-town house kit, or an Idoneth kit.


MegaKaptain Borgoth, of the Plundablade

Converted from the Maw-Krusha Megaboss, with the sword and dagger options in that kit, a greenstuffed big hat with a orruk/ork skull hatpin, a big beard made by adding greensuff texture over an Ogor Mournfang bit, another Kharadron rifle as pistol.

Because of the angle of his feet he's standing on a pile of shipwrecked loot made from two barrels and a chest from the Bone-tithe Nexus kit, a Skaven Plague Monk book and some timbers from a Screaming Bell.


I'm going to start painting both as soon as I can, and there is likely to be a third MegaKaptain joining them later, if/when I can get hold of the one that will be with Stormbringer Magazine issue 68. That will be published sometime around June 2024... I think?

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