Friday 21 July 2023

Kommordore Deffgit and The Gloomwyrms - part 9: Nargo, Ogash and Mogak

Three more nasty blighters are ready to join the Gloomwyrms crew this week.

They were made from a mix of parts, including Dominion easy-to-build Gutrippaz, the multi-option Gutrippaz unit kit, greenstuff and a lot of bits-box parts. I've mentioned previously that I found a box of bits that I had put aside for a Tzeentch warband project that fell by the wayside a long time ago. That box included a pair of wings from an Ogor Huskard's vulture, that were perfect for the Gloomwyrms.


Nargo - wore a tricorn with a fancy black feather stuck in it. Fought with a hakka in his right hand, a dagger in his left, and always had a selection of extra daggers on his belt. Nargo was obsessed with knives and blades and found it hard to talk about anything else.


Ogash - wore an eyepatch, a broad-brimmed hat with scruffy feathers in it, folded up at the front, and half a dead raven on his back. He carried a pick-hakka and was always festooned with flintlock pistols. Ogash was agressive and impetuous and often got his crewmates into trouble.


Mogak - wore a bicorn with tatty feathers attached, and a very big coat made from looted scraps of wizard's robes, with a raven's wing attached to the back. He fought with a wooden club but always carried a crow-skull totem with twigs attached as "feathers". Mogak had no magical abilities but he considered himself a priest of "Mork the Gatherer" and presided over ritual offerings of captured and stolen loot.

With these three the crew feels ready for the Animosity V Warhammer World meet-up next month. I still have some Frorholm scenery to finish, but that was lower priority than my warband.

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