Thursday, 15 December 2016

Hallow'd Ground, part 6, Game 5: Cut Off the Head

With his last breath, the vile Necromancer cursed the interlopers. Only the enemy leaders’ heads will lift the curse.

~ ~ ~

The Orruk Witch Hunters fortified the abandoned Deathwatch Manor - they planned to make camp for a few days; they boarded up the windows and doors using broken furniture and torn-up floorboards. They chalked symbols of warding and protection from the undead on door and window frames. They drew lots and took turns to stand lookout on the roof of the house, and they spent a few hours looting the house for supplies. They filled all the bottles they found with well water and Grimming blessed them in the name of Sigmork to make bottles of “Holy Water”), and carved stakes from table and chair legs.

They melted-down a handful of silver coins to cast bullets and silver-tipped crossbow bolts. They then ate and drank anything that was still even slightly palatable and settled down to sleep under their coats and cloaks. The Waaagh Priest also wrote out fresh scrolls of protection which they attached to their gear with wax seals.

When the roof-top sentry spotted movement in the Forest of Tears early the next day the Orruk Witch Hunters tumbled out of the Manor house to meet the Church of Sigmar’s Retribution once more!

The Church of Sigmar’s Retribution advanced toward Deathwatch Manor.

The early morning mists swirled around them as the Nachtjägers reached the graveyard. The moans of Deadwalkers just behind them startled them but the Professor turned to face the new foe.

Battle-lines rapidly changed as the Orruk Witch Hunters used the Spirit Gate to make a hazardous journey. They appeared close to the War Priest's flank and surprised him with their audacity!

Fängmorder cut down Avram and threw himself into the Deadwalkers that stumbled across the pumpkin field.

Swarms of Deadwalkers attacked the Black Orruks.

The Brotherhood arrived at the pumpkin field before Fängmorder had dealt with the Dead there.

War Priest Lothar was cut off from his followers and watched helplessly as they were cut down, one after another. He fought his way clear and fled, swearing that his losses would be avenged!

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